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If you are going to get divorced in Thailand then you will need to speak to a divorce lawyer in Bangkok about this. There are two options with getting divorced in Thailand. The first is an administrative divorce which is filed through the district office or amphur office. This only needs a divorce agreement if you can agree to settle the matter with your spouse. The other is litigation and this can take more than a year to complete especially when children are involved.

You will need to have reasons for the divorce as well as be able to prove this. Divorce litigation in Thailand can become expensive as the other party or yourself might want to claim compensation during the divorce. Consider all of these facts when getting divorced. Speak to a divorce lawyer in Thailand and you can do this by speak to GAM Legal Alliance in Thailand about this.

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Consider what your divorce will entail as well as all the needed documents. Always take legal advice on this matter. Search this website and send GAM Legal Alliance and email if you are not getting the answer or question that you are looking for. It costs nothing to ask a question or two.

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