Family Lawyer in Thailand

Need a family lawyer in Thailand in the country? If you are abroad or in Thailand and wish to get divorce in Bangkok then you can contact GAM Legal Alliance offices in Bangkok for assistance. Their family lawyer in Thailand can assist you with the best legal advice and also the most cost effective solution to your marital problems.

Family Lawyer in Thailand

When getting divorced in Bangkok you will need to have the following documents where possible:

  • 1.       Your passport;
  • 2.       Your marriage certificate (long and short version); or
  • 3.       Your marriage certificate from abroad;
  • 4.       Copies of your children’s ID documents;
  • 5.       Copies of your prenuptial agreement;
  • 6.       Copies of your wife ID card (If possible);
  • 7.       Copies of your property title deeds in Thailand or abroad;
  • 8.       Copies of your business registration (If applicable);
  • 9.     Copies of any business partnership agreements you might have.

These documents you would need to start the process and also where you Thai wife is currently residing in Bangkok. If she lives in Southern Thailand then you will need to find a divorce lawyer in Phuket for more assistance. Note that you will need to have a good reason to get divorced and you will need to meet the requirements for divorce in Thailand. Child custody and adoption in Thailand will also be an issue if there are children involved in the divorce.

Also remember that if you are living in Thailand while on an extended marriage visa then this visa will not be extended when the divorce is complete. If however you have minor children from your Thai marriage then you can still apply after the divorce for a guardian visa to live in Thailand while having access to your children. This you will need to also discuss with your divorce lawyer in Bangkok when the time arrives.

Common Legal Problems

One of the most common reasons for a divorce in Bangkok is adultery and this is covered by Section 1516 of the Criminal and Commercial Code of Thailand. The next most common reason for a divorce filed in Bangkok is having been shamed by your partner. This is normally attributed to having a minor wife in Thailand or “Mia Noi” and is normally added to the reason of adultery. As for grounds for divorce this can create a complicated issue where there may be claims that permission had been given for having a minor wife. This is not uncommon and many times the litigation on this issue costs money as proof needs to be provided. Read also the article on insanity and divorce on this website.

There are also the more vague reasons such as mental torture or the more serious issues.Such as claiming that your spouse is insane and has been this way for more than 3 years. These type of divorces in Bangkok are very expensive. This as your spouse first needs to be declared insane by the courts. Then a guardian has to be appointed by the court and then applying for a divorce after this. Always take legal advice before you file for a divorce in Bangkok. This especially where there are issues of child custody, property or having your spouse declared insane.

See this website for more issues such as insanity, property, grounds for divorce as well as child custody and monthly maintenance. Again, always seek advice from a divorce lawyer in Bangkok.




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